Puppies for sale Sussex: Trio face charges of illegal sales

An animal charity is to prosecute three people for allegedly selling puppies without a licence.

Animal Protection Services says it has investigated the illegal puppy trade across the country. The charity says it has found some sellers in Brighton giving a false impression that they are legally entitled to sell animals.

The Covid lockdowns have increased the demand for new pets and driven up the supply of puppies for sale. It has led to unlicensed breeders seeking to exploit the situation, the charity says.

Animal Protection Services said: “During the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for puppies as pets has increased inciting the involvement of unlicensed breeders.

“Whilst the prices charged for pets has doubled, the costs of rearing a litter of puppies has not.

“We are committed to ending the illegal trade in puppies through adequate enforcement of animal welfare legislation.”

Now, three people have been given a summons to face charges at Brighton Magistrates’ Court.

Jade Borges, of Norwich Drive, Brighton, was charged with giving the false impression she was legally entitled to sell animals as pets, and selling animals in the course of business without a licence.

Nicole Davies, of Shaws Road, Crawley, was charged over the same two offences.

Jason Cramb, trading as XL Fully Loved Bullys, of Littlehampton Road, Ferring also faces the same two charges.

The three defendants will face the charges at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on February 26.

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