Birkenhead puppy dealer pleads guilty

Chloe Louise Robinson, of Conway Street, Birkenhead, appeared at Liverpool Crown Court on 29 January 2021, charged with fraud and animal welfare offences. The case had been brought by Animal Protection Services following an allegation that an unwell puppy was sold by Miss Robinson.

She pleaded not guilty to the fraud offences, and pleaded guilty to the licensing offence of advertising a business of selling puppies. The prosecution accepted the plea and requested that the other offences are left to lie on file.

A spokesperson for Animal Protection Services said: “During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for puppies as pets has increased inciting the involvement of unlicensed breeders, some of whom are opportunists and others connected to organised crime. Whilst the prices charged for pets has doubled, the costs of rearing a litter of puppies has not.”

“We are committed to ending the illegal trade in puppies through adequate enforcement of animal welfare legislation”, added the spokesperson.

The Judge ordered that an all options pre-sentence report should be prepared and adjourned sentencing to Liverpool Magistrates’ Court on 22 February 2021.


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2 thoughts on “Birkenhead puppy dealer pleads guilty”

  1. Gaynor Hicking

    Hopefully, all ill gotten gains have been confiscated, including a lifetime ban of keeping any animals.

  2. Hope a life ban is handed out by the court and profit is given to a animal charity who have totake care of the pups neglected by theys money grabbing animal abusers

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