Ipswich woman summoned for dog theft from dog rescue charity

Nicola Ruth Palmer of Adams Place, Kesgrave, Ipswich has been summoned to appear before Ipswich Magistrates’ Court by Animal Protection Services for theft and unlicensed dog breeding offences following an alleged dog theft from Phoenix Rehoming, a dog rescue charity. Nicola Palmer must appear before the Courts on Wednesday 6th January 2021.

Animal Protection Services is a registered charity that investigates and prosecutes organised animal crime. It is an unusual charity in that it both investigates and prosecutes cases, using private prosecution powers contained within section 6 of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985.

A spokesperson for Animal Protection Services said: “Dog theft is on the rise and should be taken seriously. During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for puppies as pets has increased inciting the involvement of unlicensed breeders, some of whom are opportunists and others connected to organised crime. Whilst the prices charged for pets has doubled, the costs of rearing a litter of puppies has not.”

“According to research, dog thefts were 65% higher during lockdown. We are committed to ending dog theft through adequate enforcement of legislation”, added the spokesperson.


As a small charity, we can only continue investigating organised animal cruelty with your help. Please consider making a generous donation to our Christmas Appeal today.

4 thoughts on “Ipswich woman summoned for dog theft from dog rescue charity”

  1. Geraldine Darby

    I fully agree that ppl stealing dogs, taking without authority, breeding for financial gain, and animal cruelty, should be fully procecuted and banned from ever owning another animal. The animals cannot speak for themselves, so we must speak for them.

    1. Heather Mills

      I fully agree that animals need us to make sure they are treated humanly, and certainly not for illegal breeding. That is so cruel using an animal as a factory for their greed.

  2. People who Breed Dogs for profit and are that are unlicenced to do so, should be fined and or jailed to the fullest extent of the law.
    Their dogs and their Pups should be confiscated and sold to vetted people a checked homes.
    The offenders should be banned from keeping dogs for life.

  3. Geraldine Mason

    Dispicable, cruel act. To both the dogs and the owners. Thieving and breeding for financial gain. This must be stopped with offenders banned for life for keeping dogs.

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