National Animal Offenders Register

We are asking the UK Government to consider establishing an Animal Offenders' Register that will be accessed by the Police, animal welfare charities, and licensed pet breeders in England and Wales.

In addition, we are asking for the legislation to be strengthened — a disqualification order should mean that someone cannot reside in the same property as a companion animal. Currently, ownership is being transferred to another individual in the household. This loop-hole needs to be closed.

Intentional cruelty to animals is an early indicator for domestic violence, organised crime, and other criminality. Since animal cruelty is often an early sign of potential predisposition to abusive and violent behaviours, tracking the movements of animal abusers would help safeguard animal welfare, enforce disqualification orders, and protect vulnerable people. 

Criminals should pay for their crimes. As a result, a non-means tested annual registration fee should be paid. The offenders should remain on the register until such time that the disqualification order expires. Failure to register should result in a custodial sentence.

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